Tourist Place Near Khatu Shyam ji sikar

Tourist Place Near Khatu Shyam ji sikar

Best place to visit near khatu shyam ji,sikar

Near Khatu shyam ji,There are many tourist places to visit near khatu shyam ji,sikar.Here is tourist places list near khatu shyam ji,sikar.Best Time to visit khatu shyam ji is mansun (Rainy day) and Falgun Mela.
Khatu shyam ji Nearest of salasar balaji.Khatu shyam ji to salasar balaji is minimum 102 km.Hill stations near khatu shyam ji,sikar are harsh naath temple,Veer hanuman mandir samod.Khatu shyam ji also a good place to visite near jaipur and sikar.
There are so many places to visite for fun like golden water park near khatu shyam ji, krishna water park near khatu shyam ji.

Here are top tourist places list of khatu 

Devgarh Place is Famus in sikar near khatu shyam ji

Devgarh place is one of the femus fort near khatu shyam ji,sikar.This fort Built by Rao Raja Devi Singh in 1787.It's a very famus place for visiters near khatu shyam ji and sikar.Devegarh fort is in Dantaramgarh.Location of this fort is very beautifull.It's a best hill station near khatu shyam ji and sikar.

Lakshmi temple 

Lakshmi mandir is a new destination for khatu shyam ji visiters.Lakshmi mandir placed between Jeenmata and Khatu shyam ji.Lakshmi mandir a best visiters places near khatu shyam ji.This temple Look very beautifll.It's created in white color which shine in sun light.We must want to say that If you want to visit near khatu shyam ji it's a very good place for your visit.  

Jeen Mata Temple near shyam ji,Sikar

Village jeenmata near khatu shyam ji which Have Religigious importance in sikar.Jeenmata temple located at 28km from Khatu shyam ji.In Jeenmata is a temple of Mata Jeen (the power of Goddess).In Jeenmata village colourfull Festival Celebrate Twice in one year it's Chaitra and Ashvin During Navratri.It should Be a Good Trip to visit Near khatu shyam ji.

shyam bagichi and shyam kund 

Shyam bagichi and shyam kund is a very Beautifull place for visit in khatu shyam ji.Shyam bagichi placed near khatu shyam temple.There is a park in khatu shyam ji.there are some temple and one of the most shyam bhakts aalu singh ji mharaj temple also here in shyam bagichi.And shyam kund placed on the place where shyama baba head come out.there are two shyam kund are avalable one for males and other one is for female.If you visit in khatu shyam ji these both places also good for visit.

Khatu shyam waterpark

Best visior place in khatu shyam ji is Golden water park whick is placed on khatu ringus road.Its best destination for fun and enjoy.In free time for enjoy you can visit for golden water park where you can enjoy your day in khatu shyam ji.

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