lord hanuman ji hd photos/wallpaper

lord hanuman ji hd photos/wallpaper

10 Best Shri Hanuman Hd Images,photos and Wallpapers


Lord Hanuman is one of the major deities of Hindus who is worshipped as the supreme devotee of Lord Shri Ram. He is depicted as a major character in the epic Ramayana of Hindus. Lord Hanuman has helped Lord Shri Ram to conquer The Demon Ravana. Lord Anjaneya has also been said to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva also known as the son of Lord Pawan Dev (The god of wind).


This Is Why Lord Hanuman's Picture Must Be Placed In The House!


According to the belief of Hindus, it is considered auspicious to have Lord Hanuman's picture in the house. His picture destroys negative effects in the house. If you also want happiness and prosperity in your house, then you should use Lord Hanuman's picture in your house by following some rules which are as follows:

  • Lord Hanuman's picture should always be used in the south direction, by doing this your Mars condition will be good.
  • Lord Hanuman's picture should be kept facing towards the north, by applying this the blessings of all the deities will remain over you.
  • You can also put a picture of Ram Darbar in your house in any direction, in which Hanuman Ji sitting at the feet of Lord Shri Ram.
  • You can use the photo of Panchmukhi Hanuman instead of Ram Darbar.
  • If you put Lord Hanuman's picture with lifted mountain inside the house, then courage, faith & responsibility will develop within you and you will not be disturbed in any worst situation.
  • If you put a picture of Lord Hanuman while doing devotion to Shri Ram, then there will always be a communication of devotion and faith in your house, which will increase your concentration.
  • If you put a picture of Lord Hanuman in meditation posture, then peace will remain in your house.